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Project Areas of Apache OpenOffice

This page lists some of the main project areas of Apache OpenOffice categorized by function. Please see the Get Involved page for more information on how to participate in any of these areas.

Categories on this page:

A complete list of all public projects:

Accepted Projects
those projects that include core technical projects as well as key user information projects
Incubator Projects
projects that may be experimental or of limited focus
Native-Lang Projects
language and support projects - these normally have discussions in that language

toolboxProduct Development

Project Short Name Description
Security security To improve security and privacy features in
Performance performance To improve the performance of
Word Processing sw The word processing application Writer the formula editor Math.
Spreadsheet sc The spreadsheet application Calc.
Graphic Applications graphics The Graphic applications like Impress, Draw and Chart.
Graphic System Layer gsl The Graphic System Layer (GSL) project is an umbrella project to provide graphic output on different devices. Graphic output refers to a range of operations starting from simple line drawing to complex raster operations.
Base / Database Access dba Base is's database application. Additionally, this project provides the other applications with access to a variety of relational data sources in various formats.
API api The application programming interface.
Application Framework framework This project contains modules that define the general behaviour of the OpenOffice application components ( Writer, Calc etc. )
Build Tools and Environment tools The tools used in the build process and the build environment.
Quality Assurance qa Quality Assurance: testing and qualifying all builds of
UNO Development Kit / Component Technology udk Object model development and component technology. Includes the old OI and Scripting projects.
User Experience ux The main goal of the User Experience Team is to make the best office suite in terms of usability, productivity and enjoyment.
User Interface ui Common user interface for applications.
XML Project xml The XML project is the home of of XML related features of, like its OASIS OpenDocument/ISO/IEC 26300 file format implementation. It further provides some XML base implementations, like XML parser and printer components.

openoffice extensionsExtension Development

Project Short Name Description
Extensions extensions The purpose of this project is to help produce, organize and deploy extensions. An extension is a third party tool that brings OOo new functionality. This can be done through addons, addins, deployed by UNO packages. Extensions also covers templates and galleries.
External external This project will host all the external code allowed.
Universal Content Broker ucb Allows the applications to transparently access content with different structures.
Bibliographic Project bibliographic To provide integrated bibliographic functionality in

language picLanguage Development and Support

Project Short Name Description
Localization l10n The major target of the L10N and I18N project is to provide tools and workflows for localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n).
Native Language Confederation native-lang The Native-Language Confederation includes the communities of users, developers, documentation writers and marketers contributing to in their own languages worldwide
Lingucomponent lingucomponent Lingucomponent is charged with creating dictionaries, thesauri, and other related tools.


Project Short Name Description
Porting porting Porting to new platforms. Includes Mac Porting Project .
Installation installation Creating the installation set.
Distribution distribution The purpose of Distribution Project is to establish policy and consolidate areas and links relating to the distribution of Distribution includes the Mirrors Project, CD-ROM Project, OEM Project, and P2P Project.

helpHelping Users

Project Short Name Description
Support support Support options for endusers from professional companies to community volunteers.
Documentation documentation End-user documentation for the various components making up


Project Short Name Description
Certification certification To certify organizations providing support, training, and related services for users.
Marketing marketing The project for furthering the growth and use of technology. Efforts include: developing collateral, logos, public outreach. This project includes the Art sub-project, which is responsible for all artwork.

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