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Apache OpenOffice - Third-Party ports and distributions

The following list of third-party ports and distributions is made available as a service to the community. The Apache OpenOffice project does not officially endorse or maintain these packages. If you have a port or distribution that you want to be listed here please send the details to the public mailing list public mailing list. In some cases the Apache OpenOffice project may be able to cooperate with a porting project. If you wish to discuss how the project may be able to help with your port please also in this case send a mail to the public mailing list public mailing list.

Ports and distributions available now

Ports and distributions under development

About ports and distributions

Apache OpenOffice (AOO) is a productivity suite which is already officially available for the following platforms:

What is a port?

When making AOO available for another operating system or CPU architecture, then this is called "porting or a port". Usually this is done on the source code level. More general information here.

What is a distribution?

When taking an already available AOO installation and package it in a different way to make it ready to run directly, e.g., from a USB stick resp. CD/DVD or on another Linux OS, then this is called "distribution or distro". More general information here.

How to create your own port: To Do's

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