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Lingucomponent Project

The mission of the Lingucomponent Project is to provide competitive writing aid features (spell checking, hyphenation, thesaurus, grammar checking etc.) for as many languages as possible.

Sub-Projects:       Volunteers are greatly appreciated!
Download Dictionaries Dictionaries for most supported languages
How-to create a Spelling Dictionary Create a dictionary for your language
How-to create a Hyphenation Dictionary Enhance ALT Linux hyph module; add a dictionary for your language
How-to create a Thesaurus (updated 2009-10-10) Create a thesaurus for your language
How-to develop a Grammar Checker (updated 2010-09-04) Design, develop, and implement grammar checking for your language

Much of our work takes place on the mailing list. You may subscribe, unsubscribe, and view archives from the table below. Please familiarize yourself with the discussions that have taken place. Once you have done so, don't hesitate to join in! Feel free to introduce yourself briefly to the list when you join.

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Lingucomponent was started by Kevin Hendricks to integrate various open source spell checkers into the build. With a little prodding from Kevin Atkinson, the author of Pspell (now Aspell), a new spell checker called MySpell was written in C++ that supported affix compression, based on Ispell. MySpell was used to support spell checking in 1.x. MySpell has been replaced with hunspell starting with 2.0.2. Hunspell builds on MySpell but supports Unicode and adds several other useful features.

Project Lead: László Németh

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