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Project Lead

Kai Ahrens

Co Lead

Christian Lippka

QA Lead

Marc Neumann

Project Overview

The Graphics project is the host project for different graphic centric applications like the drawing application Draw, which allows you to easily create pixel and vector based graphics, the presentation application Impress for creating 'bleeding edge' and powerful presentations and the charting application Chart 2 to add the necessary charting functionality to all applications, especially to the spreadsheet application Calc.

The project also contains the necessary modules for several graphic engines like e.g. the 'DrawingEngine' or the 'PresentationEngine' on which all applications are built upon.

Beside that, the graphic filter development as well as the development of the MS Powerpoint binary filter is located within this project.

If you want to take a deeper look at the currently developed new Charting (Chart 2) module, please click here for futher information.


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