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Project Owner: Martin Hollmichel

The project external hosts source code related to that is exempted from the general copyright and/or licensing rules. Sources may fall under licenses different from those used by the core codebase. These sources are not covered by the Oracle Contributor Agreement and thus copyright is not shared with Oracle.

Different kinds of source are dealt with below

Unbundled Extensions

Additional functionality for may be provided as an Extension. Authors of Extensions are invited to maintain their Extensions within the official Extensions Project. This will enable you to use the facilities of the Extensions Project (mailing lists, issue tracking) and the source repository for collaboration purposes.

You may do this without signing the OCA, provided that you comply with the current terms of the following 'Exempted Contributions Guidelines' for 'Unbundled Extensions'. Specifically, 'Unbundled Extensions':

Initial Submission

In case you want to make use of the hosting of exempted source code extensions please follow these steps:

  1. Check license against licenses (Contributor)
  2. Fill out the following form and submit the data to Issuetracker using component external/exemptedextensions (Contributor)
    Extension Name:
    Provider Name:
    Description (not more than 3 paragraphs):
  3. Review for compliance to guidelines and Approval (Project Lead "external")
  4. Add License Header (example used for the core codebase) (Contributor)
  5. Commit to area for exempted extensions (Contributor with the help of Release Engineering)


The contributor will be enabled to maintain the source in the source repository. The project extensions provides the infrastructure (mailing lists, issue tracking) for collaboration on extensions.

Infrastructural Libraries

Infrastructural libraries are examples of third-party technology which provide system related services. This type of libraries is in most cases not only used by but also by other applications. In general they are packaged with the Operating System Environment (e.g. Linux, Solaris). They are hosted in this project external for completeness (not all OS distributions have them prepackaged) and reference (the build has been built with the specific version of third-party code hosted here).

Initial Submission

In case you want to make use of such libraries and they are not yet available please follow these steps:

  1. Check license against licenses (Contributor)
  2. Fill out the following form and submit the data to IssueTracker using component external/3rdparty (Contributor)
    Product Name:
    Product Version:
    Vendor or Owner Name:
    Vendor or Owner Contact: Contact:
    URL for Product Information:
    URL for License:
    Type of Encryption: none
    Binary or Source Code:
  3. If the license fits to's licenses the contribution can be accepted and the form is published below. This step may involve Sun Legal. (Project Lead external)
  4. Import external source to the source repository and create new module (Project Lead external)
  5. Checking in third party source code (Contributor with the help of Release Engineering)
  6. Apply needed changes: Changes / additional files can be committed to the repository (Contributor with the help of Release Engineering)

A little technical Howto for adding external components to could help with the integration in the build process.


Contributor will be enabled to maintain the third-party library with support from release engineering.

Modifications and updates of the third-party source or the applied changes follow the established development process.

Please note that license changes have to go through the process for initial submission.

List of Infrastructural Libraries

External project modules 
Module Description Form
aspell (legacy) A More Intelligent Ispell aspell form
Berkeleydb (legacy) Sleepycat Berkeleydb Berkeleydb form
freetype Platform independent font rendering, especially for CJK issues freetype form
moz Mozilla header and libraries needed for building mozilla form
pspell (legacy) Portable Spell Checker Interface Library pspell form
sablot (legacy) Sablotron Transformations Processor sablot form
stlport Multiplatform ANSI C++ Standard Library implementation stlport form
International Components for Unicode
icu form

Netbeans jar files (legacy)
netbeans_integration form

client-side URL  transfer library
libcurl form

JAVA API for XML Parsing
JAXP form

Java implementation of XSLT
xt form

Scripting language Interpreter
Beanshell form

Java Script Interpreter and Debugger
Rhino form

Wordnet (legacy)
synonym data for Thesaurus
Wordnet form

Dom and XPath support
libxml2 form

libmspack (legacy)
Library to support compession formats
libmspack form

crimson (legacy)
Java XML Parser
crimson form

Xalan (legacy)
Xalan XSLT Processor
xalan form

XML languages features
xml-apis form

libwpd (legacy)
A library for importing and exporting Wordperfect (tm) documents
libwpd form

tools to make data of MS Access mdb fileformat available for other platforms
mdbtools form

Slovak Thesaurus (legacy)
database of Slovak synonyms
slovak_thesaurus form

KDE Crystal icons theme (legacy)
Crystal Icon for

Afrikaans Dictionaries (legacy)
Afrikaans spelling dictionaries dict_afrikaans_form
Language Guessing
Slovenian Dictionaries (legacy)
Dictionaries for Slovenian spelling and hyphenation

library for reading Microsoft Works files libwps_form

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